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We are present on many markets in Germany. You can find the dates on this website.

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About Knots

Aus Steinen gelegter keltischer Knoten auf Waldboden

The number “Three” plays an important role in all Indoeuropean cultures. The Celts found this number especially interesting. It has many different meanings attributed to it. The so-called Triquetra Knot is one very simple form. It is extrapolated from the number three. There are countless variations. For the Celts it symbolised amongst other things the power of Gods or Goddesses to bring combinations of opposites into creative movement.

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Celtic Patterns

Lederknoten mit rotem Schmuckstein, präsentiert auf heller Baumrinde

Celtic patterns have artfully intertwined lines without beginning or end. Each part is connected with every other part and constantly switches direction. Very often they consist of one line without a break.

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This knot with an interwoven figure of the number eight makes it possible to weave it as short or long as you like – this makes the pattern ideal for bracelets.  We have chosen a gemstone clasp as fastening.

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